Sunday, April 21, 2024

New at Howard Works

Roca (Spanish)
Rostro de calavera

"The Black Stone"
"The Horror from the Mound"
"Black Canaan"

Saga Egmont (Spanish)
Conan el Cimerio - Clavos rojos

Featuring:"Red Nails"

Oróra (Aurora) (Greek)
Antholoyía Epistimonikís Phantasías:  Istoríes me Theoús kai Daímones / 2,  Tómos 60
Anthology of Science Fiction: Stories of Gods and Demons / 2, Volume 60

Featuring: "The Frost-Giant's Daughter"

Red Dragon Publisher (Portuguese)
Horror das Profundezas e Outras Histórias
Horror from the Deep and Other Stories
"The Beast from the Abyss"
"The Song of the Bats" (poem)
"The Valley of the Lost" (1)
"The Ride of Falume" (poem)
"Secret of Lost Valley"
 "Remembrance" (poem)
"Dermod's Bane"
"The Harp of Alfred"  (poem)
"Out of the Deep"
"Easter Island" (poem)
"Delenda Est"

The Robert E. Howard Foundation
Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter V17N4

"The Phoenix on the Sword" (First submitted draft)
"Notes on Names in The Phoenix on the Sword"
Letter to Novalyne Price, dated July 8, 1935,
"Thank you for your invitation to call . . ."
"The Baron and the Wench" (poem)
"The Bell of Morni"  (poem)
"The Bride of Cuchulain" (poem)
"Land of the Pioneer" (poem)

Marvel Comics
Conan the Barbarian #99

Featuring "The People of the Black Coast"

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