Sunday, November 29, 2020

New at Howard Works

Urco Editora (Galician)
Solomon Kane

"Red Shadows"
"Rattle of Bones"
"Skulls in the Stars"

MS BookS (French)
Les Aventures de Conan le Cimmérien

"The Tower of the Elephant"
"Rogues in the House"
"Queen of the Black Coast"
"Black Colossus"

Adventure House
Pulp Facsimile: Strange Tales June 1932

Featuring:  "People of the Dark"

Marvel Comics
The Savage Sword of Conan Volume 1 Number 224

Featuring:  "The Dwellers Under the Tomb"

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Now available!

Written by Jim Zub
Art by Roge Antonio
Cover by E.M. Gist
Variant Cover by Cary Nord

* The true nature of the Great Crucible is revealed!
* CONAN has angered the leadership of Uttara Kuru, but he will not be crushed by their punishment so easily!
* The dramatic conclusion to "Into the Crucible: and the start of Conan's next quest!

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99

Now available!

(Writer) Saladin Ahmed (Art) Luke Ross (Cover) Mahmud Asrar

A deadly quest and a daring heist - in the age of Marvels! Conan wanders the desert - but as he reaches a city, no Stygian temple or Vendhyan fortress greets him. No, something far stranger stands in wait: the lights of Las Vegas! Conan is far from home, and it's time for him to tread the thrones of the Marvel Universe under his sandaled feet! The City of Sin is just the beginning for Conan's solo jaunt as the barbarian finds himself on a quest for a relic that predates even his Hyborian Age: the Serpent Crown of Atlantis! But will his battle for this crown earn Conan his own kingdom or doom him to a nefarious trap laid by Mephisto? 


Trade paperback, 112 pages, Full Color, $15.99

Monday, November 23, 2020

The Art of Robert E. Howard: Harold S. De Lay
 By Bill Thom

This is the fourth in a series of articles that provides a showcase for the many fine artists that have illustrated the works of Robert E. Howard over the years.

Previously posted are:
The Art of Robert E. Howard: Peter Andrew Jones
The Art of Robert E. Howard: Virgil Finlay
The Art of Robert E. Howard: Michael William Kaluta
Harold S. De Lay
Harold De Lay (AKA H. S. Delay, Harold DeLay, Harold S. DeLay) was born in South Charleston, Ohio on May 13, 1876. De Lay settled in Winnetka, Illinois, early in the twentieth century and appears to have lived there for several decades with his wife, Austria, and their children. He left his family in the early 1930s and moved to Astoria, Queens, New York where he lived and worked until he died on August 14, 1950.
De Lay attended the Art Institute of Chicago with J.C. Leyendecker among others. By the early 1900s, he had started on a career as a fine artist and a commercial artist, initially illustrating books and magazine covers. A few early credits include illustrations for TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE, 10 STORY BOOK (pulp magazine), THE SHORT-STOP (1914) by Zane Grey and DAUGHTERS OF DESTINY (1906) by Schuyler Staunton (a pseudonym for L. Frank Baum). De Lay also created several illustrations for Elgin Watches in the 1920s.
In later years, De Lay moved to advertising and comics while continuing to do magazine work including pulp magazines. He was the primary artist for the pulp GOLDEN FLEECE in the late 1930s, providing covers and interior illustrations. He produced four cover illustrations for WEIRD TALES between 1939 and 1944, along with black and white interior art for 13 issues. De Lay illustrated stories by Robert E. Howard, Edmond Hamilton, G. G. Pendarves, Robert Bloch, Otis Adelbert Kline and E. Hoffmann Price, Jack Williamson, August Derleth, Seabury Quinn, Henry Kuttner, and others.
De Lay’s first pulp interior illustration was for "Black Canaan" (WEIRD TALES, June 1936) by Robert E. Howard. He went on to illustrate two additional REH stories in WEIRD TALES: “Red Nails” (WEIRD TALES, July, August-September, October 1936) and “Black Hound of Death” (WEIRD TALES, November 1936). In GOLDEN FLEECE he provided numerous illustrations for two stories by REH: "Black Vulmea's Vengeance" (November 1938) and "Gates of Empire" (January 1939).
De Lay wrote, pencilled, and inked comic book covers and stories from 1940 to 1946 while working for Lev Gleason, Centaur Publications, and Novelty Press. De Lay did the art for a comic adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's TREASURE ISLAND, James Fenimore Cooper’s THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, and Jonathan Swift’s GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. He also did some work for Marvel Comics when the company was still known as Timely Comics. He illustrated Microman in THE HUMAN TORCH #2 (1940) and Sub-Earth Man in MYSTIC COMICS #5 (1941).

Harold DeLay/Robert E. Howard Checklist (Initial appearances only)
Weird Tales
Volume 27 Number 6 (June 1936) 
“Black Canaan”

Volume 28 Numbers 1, 2, and 3 (July, August-September, October 1936)
“Red Nails”

Volume 28 Number 4 (November 1936)
“Black Hound of Death”

Golden Fleece
Volume 1 Number 2 (November 1938)
"Black Vulmea's Vengeance"
Volume 2 Number 1 (January 1939)
"Gates of Empire"
The Collector’s Index to WEIRD TALES By Sheldon Jaffrey & Fred Cook
All art copyright Harold De Lay and the respective owners.

Weird Tales Volume 27 Number 6 (June 1936) 
“Black Canaan”

 Weird Tales Volume 28 Numbers 1, 2, and 3 (July, August-September, October 1936)
“Red Nails”

Weird Tales Volume 28 Number 4 (November 1936)
“Black Hound of Death”

Golden Fleece Volume 1 Number 2 (November 1938)
"Black Vulmea's Vengeance"

The image below is a preliminary of the opening double-page spread for Robert E. Howard's "Black Vulmea's Vengeance," which appeared in the November 1938 issue of GOLDEN FLEECE. It is from the collection of pulp art collector Doug Ellis.

Golden Fleece Volume 2 Number 1 (January 1939)
"Gates of Empire"

Sunday, November 22, 2020

New at Howard Works

Urco Editora (Galician)
Conan 5. A hora do dragón

Featuring: "The Hour of the Dragon"

Urco Editora  (Galician)
Conan. a filla do xigante de xeo

Featuring: "The Frost-Giant's Daughter"

Pulp Hero Press
The Annotated Guide to Robert E. Howard's Weird Fantasy

Featuring: Articles on REH

Marvel Comics
The Savage Sword of Conan Volume 1 Number 223

Featuring:  "Nekht Semerkeht"

Friday, November 20, 2020

 Ablaze Publishing
Coming in February!

(Writer) Robert E. Howard, Robin Recht (Art) Robin Recht
Cover A: Dan Panosian
Cover B: Vance Kelly
Cover C: Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque
Cover D: Fritz Casas

Robert E. Howard's Conan is brought to life UNCENSORED! 
Discover the true Conan, unrestrained, violent, and sexual. Read the story as he intended!

After pursuing Atali, who has been mercilessly taunting him for two straight days, Conan finally catches up with the lithe, fiery-haired goddess. When he does, he finds her brothers as well, lying in wait, ready to pounce and take the barbarian's life in sacrifice to their father Ymir. An epic battle ensues…one in which the Cimmerian's might and force of will is put to the ultimate test! 

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99, On sale February 3!

Marvel Comics December REH Solicitations for 
February with collections in February and March!

SAVAGE AVENGERS #18 (Featuring Conan)
Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Kev Walker
Cover by Valerio Giangiordano


Conan, Deadpool and the Night Flyer escape Riker's in the endless night during the reign of the King in Black. What crazy heist will ruin Deadpool's 30th anniversary? Here's a hint: It involves the Hellfire Club!

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99, On sale February 17.

Written by Jim Zub
Penciled by Rogê Antônio, Robert Gill & Luca Pizzari
Cover by E.M. GIST

Unfamiliar ground! Conan has faced many foes since leaving Cimmeria, but the greatest challenge lies ahead — in the mystical Uttara Kuru, farther on the eastern border than the young barbarian has ever traveled! When Conan inadvertently agrees to be the latest entrant to the Great Crucible, the people of the city support their foreign champion — but what deadly dangers does the Crucible hold, and what will Conan sacrifice to overcome his ordeal? Armed with only his strength and wits and a local boy named Delian to translate for him, Conan must survive a series of lethal traps and a cadre of murderous rivals out to end his participation — permanently! But when the barbarian sets his sights on the Tooth of the Nightstar, will he claim the deadly blade, or will it claim him? 

Collecting CONAN THE BARBARIAN (2019) #13-18.

Trade paperback, Full Color, 136 pages, $17.99, On sale February 24.


Volume #2 in the Conan the Barbarian Epic Collections
Written by Roy Thomas With Michael Moorcock, James Cawthorn & Barry Windsor-Smith
Penciled by Barry Windsor-Smith With Gil Kane & John Buscema
Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith

Marvel's first and best sword-and-sorcery epic continues — with iconic tales by writer Roy Thomas and artists Barry Windsor-Smith, Gil Kane and John Buscema! First, Conan the Barbarian's path crosses with the albino antihero Eric and his soul-stealing sword Stormbringer! Then, on the shores of Bal-Sagoth, Conan meets a new comrade in arms, the mighty Fafnir. Together Conan and Fafnir sail the Vilayet Sea and join the mercenary forces of the War of the Tarim, a holy conflict between Makkalet and Turan! It's a saga of adventure, intrigue and loss, which shows the true face of war! And don't miss the full-color adaptation of Robert E. Howard's Conan classic, "The Frost Giant's Daughter" — and the first appearance of Thomas and Windsor-Smith's Red Sonja! 

Collecting CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1970) #14-26.

Trade paperback, Full Color, 288 pages, $34.99, On sale March 10.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

New at Howard Works

Thanks to Renaud Lefebvre for his help with this title.

Urco Editora (Galician)
Conan 3

"The People of the Black Circle" 
"Shadows in Zamboula" 
"The Pool of the Black One" 
"Beyond the Black River"

Thanks to Renaud Lefebvre for his help with this title.

Urco Editora (Galician)
Conan 4
"Red Nails" 
"Jewels of Gwahlur"
"The Phoenix on the Sword"
"The Scarlet Citadel"

Fiction House Press
Magazine of Horror #34

Featuring:  "A Song of Defeat"  (poem)

Marvel Comics
The Savage Sword of Conan Volume 1 Number 222

Featuring:  "Hawks of Outremer"

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

SAVAGE AVENGERS #14 (Featuring Conan)
Now available! 

Gerry Duggan (Writer) • Patch Zircher (Art)
Cover by Valerio Giangiordano

Conan leads a team of Savage Avengers against an Asgardian dragon in a quest for treasure. Get out your twenty-sided dice and roll to attack with Conan, Magik and new Savage recruits the Black Knight and Juggernaut!`

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99

Sunday, November 8, 2020

 New at Howard Works

Thanks to Renaud Lefebvre for his help with this title.

Urco Editora (Galician)
Conan 1

"The Hyborian Age"
"Gods of the North" 
"The Tower of the Elephant" 
"Rogues in the House" 
"Shadows in the Moonlight" 
"Black Colossus"

Thanks to Renaud Lefebvre for his help with this title.

Urco Editora (Galician)
Conan 2

"Queen of the Black Coast" 
"The Slithering Shadow" 
"A Witch Shall be Born" 
"The Devil in Iron"

Hippocampus Press
Robert E. Howard: A Closer Look

"Always Comes Evening" (lines 5-12)
Articles on REH

Marvel Comics
The Savage Sword of Conan Volume 1 Number 219

"Death's Black Riders" 
"Death's Black Riders"  (verse heading)
"Black Hound of Death"