Monday, July 30, 2018

Marvel to Publish Dark Horse’s
Conan Comics in New Epic Collections

Continuing its celebration of the return of CONAN this January, Marvel is excited to announce the release of two volumes of CONAN CHRONICLES EPIC COLLECTION: OUT OF THE DARK HILLS and THE HEART OF YAG-KOSHA!

Collecting Conan: The Legend 0 and Conan (2004) #1-19, CONAN CHRONICLES EPIC COLLECTION: OUT OF THE DARKSOME HILLS presents tales from industry great Kurt Busiek and Eisner-winning Conan artist Cary Nord, including classic stories adapted from the epic works of original author Robert E. Howard. Relive all the legendary and glorious detail of Conan’s battle with the Vanir, his meeting with the Frost Giant’s daughter, and more! CONAN CHRONICLES EPIC COLLECTION: OUT OF THE DARKSOME HILLS is VOL. 1 in the CONAN CHRONICLES EPIC COLLECTIONS, collecting Conan’s various ongoing series from 2004-2017.

CONAN CHRONICLES EPIC COLLECTION: THE HEART OF YAG-KOSHA presents the legend in more swashbuckling stories, including tales of Conan’s storied youth! Relive all his adventures in the City of Thieves and the Hall of the Dead, with more of Howard’s classic tales. CONAN CHRONICLES EPIC COLLECTION: THE HEART OF YAG-KOSHA is VOL. 2 in the CONAN CHRONICLES EPIC COLLECTIONS.

Next year, get ready to take on Conan’s early exploits and magic with the CONAN CHRONICLES EPIC COLLECTIONS! And beginning later in 2019, the CONAN: HYBORIAN TALES EPIC COLLECTIONS will collect Conan’s various one-shots and miniseries from 2004-2016!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

New at Howard Works

Agenzia Libraria Editrice  (Italian)
Friuli Venezia Giulia. Scuola e Cultura Volume Quinto
Featuring:  "Delenda Est"

Comic Art (Italian)
L'Eternauta 92
Featuring:  "Out of the Deep"

Lance Thingmaker
Marvel Tales
Featuring:  "The Garden of Fear"

Marvel Comics
Chanber of Chills #3
Featuring: "The Thing on the Roof"

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Conan TV Series News

Ryan Condal is preparing to adapt Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian for TV, and he shared some of the first details with SYFY WIRE when they caught up with him at Comic-Con.

According to Condal, the first episode of the Conan series will adapt “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter,” one of the primary tales in Howard’s canon for his signature character.

“I think the Conan purists will be very pleased,” said Howard, while setting the stage for Amazon's pilot episode. “If anybody knows and follows the saga [‘The Frost-Giant’s Daughter’] is... the earliest story in Conan’s life. He’s basically just left Cimmeria and he’s running around as a mercenary with this Viking band of warriors called the Aesir... I’ve put [the Conan stories] back in [chronological] order and the idea is to tell Conan’s story over the time of his life.”

Condal indicated that his take on Conan will stay true to the original’s spirit, while introducing a serial element as well.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

By the Phoenix on This Sword I Rule! 
By Karen Joan Kohoutek

New post at the On An Underwood No. 5 blog.

New at Howard Works

Area 51 Publishing (Italian)
Conan – La Fenice sulla Lama
Featuring:  "The Phoenix on the Sword"

Area 51 Publishing (Italian)
L'era Hyboriana. Il mondo di Conan il Barbaro
Featuring:  "The Hyborian Age"

Marvel Comics
Chamber of Chills #2
Featuring:  "The Horror from the Mound"

The REH Foundation Press
Pictures in the Fire

"For the Love of Barbara Allen"
"Two Against Tyre"
"The Voice of El-Lil"
"Spear and Fang"
"Black Canaan" (Early Version)
"The Cobra in the Dream"
"The Ghost in the Doorway"
"A Thunder of Trumpets"
"The Shadow of Doom"
"The Haunted Hut"
"Under the Baobab Tree"
"The Hyena"
"Black Country"
"Nekht Semerkeht"
untitled story (As he approached the two, he swept off his feathered
hat . . .)
"The Abbey"
"Age Lasting Love" (with outline)
"The Devil's Woodchopper"
"The Door to the World"
"Serpent Vines"
untitled synopsis (Black Canaan)
"The Isle of the Eons"
"The Brand of Satan"
"Dagon Manor"
"Dear Mrs. Shane"
"Fate is the Killer"
"The Jade God"
"The Slayer"
"Through the Ages"
"The Wings of the Bat"
untitled story ("You," said Shifty Griddle, pointing his   . . .)
untitled story (Better that a man should remain in kindly . . .)
untitled story (From the black, bandit-haunted mountains . . .)
untitled story (I'm writing this with a piece of pencil on the  . . .)
untitled story (Old Man Jacobson crunched his powerful teeth . . .)
untitled story (The matter seemed so obvious that my onlyr . . .)
untitled story (The next day I was sluggish and inefficient . . .)
"Songs of Bastards"
"Bastards All!"
"Pictures in the Fire"
"The Dominant Male"
"Miss High-Hat"
"Etched in Ebony"
untitled story ("Arrange, Madame, arrange!")
"Letter of a Chinese Student" (1)
"Letter of a Chinese Student" (2)
"For the Honor of the School"
"A Rattlesnake Sings In the Grass" (poem)
"The Masque" (poem)
"A High Land" (poem)
"Whence Cometh Erlik?" (poem)
"Lost Nisapur" (poem)
"Abhorrent Gods" (poem)
"A Song of Praise" (poem)
"The Tale of Glory" (poem)
"The Race Without Name" (poem)
"Let Me Dream by a Silver Stream"  (poem)
"My Animal Instinct" (poem)
"The Wind Blows" (1, poem)
"The Wind Blows" (2, poem)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Essays on Robert E. Howard & Others
Coming soon from Hippocampus Press!

Bobby Deerie has announced that his book, Essays on Robert E. Howard & Others, will be published by Hippocampus Press. No release date has been announced.

An ashcan edition was given away to attendees at the 2018 Howard Days.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hot (and a little bothered) Off The Press 
by Gary Romeo

A Critique of Patrice Louinet’s The Robert E. Howard Guide

New post at the On An Underwood No. 5 blog.

The Racial Consciousness of Robert E. Howard
By Sinclair Jenkins

New post on the American Renaissance website.

Thanks to Morgan Holmes for the tip!

New at Howard Works

Today we start posting information on REH in Italian.
So far, I have data on over 150 Italian publications.

ANASF (Italian)
SF...ere 10, gen 1980
Featuring:  "Delenda Est"

ANASF (Italian)
SF...ere 11, apr 1980
Featuring:  "For the Love of Barbara Allen"

Fiction House Press
 Magic Carpet Volume 3 Number 3
Featuring:  "The Lion of Tiberias"

Marvel Comics 
Journey Into Mystery #1
Featuring:  "Dig Me No Grave"

Sunday, July 8, 2018

A 2018 Howard Days Highlight: T-Shirts 
by Todd B. Vick

New post at the On An Underwood No. 5 blog.

New at Howard Works

Klubowe (Polish)
Conan zdobywca
"Shadows in the Moonlight"
"Shadows in Zamboula"
"Black Colossus"
"The Vale of Lost Women"
"The Phoenix on the Sword"
"The Pool of the Black One"
"The God in the Bowl"

Klubowe (Polish)
Król elfów
Featuring:  "The Altar and the Scorpion"

Sir Angels
Worms of the Earth
Featuring: "Worms of the Earth"

Marvel Comics
Creatures on the Loose! #10
Featuring: "The Skull of Silence"

Friday, July 6, 2018

Coming in December!

With nearly 700 pages of clashing swords, malefic wizardy, and forgotten kingdoms-- and featuring spectacular adaptations of Robert E. Howard's "The Jewels of Gwahlur" and "People of the Black Circle"--The Conan Reader is a vast, priceless hoard ripe for the taking!

Collecting a treasure trove of Conan one-shots, short stories, and miniseries from the finest creators in all of graphic fiction, including Kurt Busiek, P. Craig Russell, Fred Van Lente, Kelley Jones, Ariel Olivetti, and many, many more.

Trade paperback, 688 pages, $29.99

Dark Horse Comics

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018

Conan Comics Worldwide

Conan Properties, owner of Robert E. Howard's character Conan the Barbarian, has published all the comics publishing rights for all countries worldwide (except the English language) in paper and digital format to Panini, one of the world's largest publishers of comics.

Panini has been a long-time licensee to Conan Properties and has been publishing Conan comics in selected countries for almost 25 years - starting with the classic Marvel Comics footage from 1994 to 2000, while Marvel held the license, later through direct contracts with CPI and Dark Horse.

This new framework agreement extends the scope of the license to all regions of the world (excluding English-speaking) and the entire historical catalog of this character in comic and graphic novel format. These include the groundbreaking Marvel comics and magazines from the 1970s to 2000s ("Conan the Barbarian", "The Savage Sword of Conan"), the many successful series and mini-series, the Dark Horse Comics from 2003 to 2018 as well as the Marvel relaunch with the current generation of comic scene superstars, which will start in the US in 2019.

Under this framework agreement, Panini will release the new Conan comics in many regions of the world: Spain, France, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Turkey and Serbia. Other countries will follow, both directly and in collaboration with other major publishers worldwide. At the same time, the archive holdings continue to be kept alive through collections, comics and collections. For the German market, first releases under the contract are scheduled for summer 2019.

Panini will work closely with Conan Properties, which is currently expanding Conan's reach through video games and the upcoming Amazon Video TV series (with big names in the industry, including Miguel Sapochnik of "Game of Thrones") enlarge. Panini will also be developing new comics with European and Latin American artists that will join the impressive array of pre-existing and upcoming stories, with new graphic novels opening up new visual universes.

Upcoming REH related publications.
Target ship dates as of 07/01/2018
All dates are subject to change.

Available since last update
THE ROBERT E. HOWARD GUIDE by Patrice Louinet (Skelos Press)
WONDER WOMAN/CONAN Hardcover (DC Comics/Dark Horse)

In your future


This replaces KULL ETERNAL #4 and #5 which have been cancelled.







Sunday, July 1, 2018

A 2018 Howard Days Highlight: Books, Books, Books! 
by Todd B. Vick

New post at the On An Underwood No. 5 blog.

New at Howard Works

Klubowe (Polish)
Conan i inni
"The Temple of Abomination"
"The Hall of the Dead"

Thanks to Rafal Chojnacki for the tip on this title.

Klubowe  (Polish)
Tygrysy morskie 
"The Temple of Abomination"
"Swords of the Northern Sea"
"The Night of the Wolf"
"Tigers of the Sea"
"Men of the Shadows"

Skelos Press
The Robert E. Howard Guide
Featuring articles about REH.
Contains selected paragraphs from REH letters and works.

Fiction House Press
Oriental Stories Volume 1 Number 4
Featuring: "Hawks of Outremer"