Sunday, March 3, 2024

New at Howard Works

Planeta Cómic (Spanish)
Conan el cimmerio nº 05 - La ciudadela escarlata
Featuring: "The Scarlet Citadel"

Río Henares Producciones Gráficas (Spanish)
Pulpmagazine Número 5

Featuring: "The Challenge from Beyond"

Oróra (Aurora) (Greek)
Antholoyía Epistimonikís Phantasías: 
   Istoríes me várvarous íroes, Tómos 43
Anthology of Science Fiction: Stories with Barbarian Heroes, Volume 43

Featuring: "The Temple of Abomination"

Red Dragon Publisher (Portuguese)
O Vale do Verme e Outras Histórias
(The Valley of the Worm and Other Stories)

"The Valley of the Worm"
"Fangs of Gold"
"Names in the Black Book"
"The Haunter of the Ring"

Adventure House
Pulp Facsimile: Spicy-Adventure Stories January 1937 (Feb. 2024)

Featuring: "Murderer's Grog"

Marvel Comics
Conan the Barbarian #83

Featuring: "Black Canaan" (Part 2 of 2)

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