Sunday, April 11, 2021

New at Howard Works

Providence Press (Italian)
El Borak Volume 2 Deluxe Edition

"Three-Bladed Doom" (long version)
"Hawk of the Hills"
"The Iron Terror"
untitled story (Gordon, the American  . . .)
"The Coming of El Borak"
"Khoda Khan's Tale"
"El Borak" (2)
"The Shunned Castle"
"The White Jade Ring"
"A Power Among the Islands" 
"The Song of Yar Ali Khan" (poem)
"The Lion Gate"
untitled story (When Yar Ali Khan crept . . .)
untitled story (Two men were standing . . .)
untitled ("Now bright, now red, . . .") (poem)
"Under the Great Tiger"
untitled story (A Cossack and a Turk . . .)
"Spears of the East"
untitled story (. . . that is, the artistry)
untitled story (Thure Khan gazed out . . .)
To H. P. Lovecraft, ca. January 1931,
"As always I found your recent letter . . ."
To H. P. Lovecraft, ca. January 1931,
"This is rather a belated letter thanking . . ."
To H. P. Lovecraft, ca. February 1931,
"I highly appreciate . . ."
To H. P. Lovecraft, ca. February 1931,
"I’m writing this letter . . ."
To H. P. Lovecraft, ca. June 1931,
"I didn’t take much of a trip after all."
Contains "The Grim Land" (poem)
To H. P. Lovecraft, July 14, 1931,
"Just a line . . ."

Elara (Italian)
Fantasy&ScienceFiction anno VI numero 18

"Etchings in Ivory"
A collection of six prose poems:
   "Flaming Marble"
   "Skulls and Orchids"
   "Medallions in the Moon"
   "The Gods That Men Forget"
   "Bloodstones and Ebony"

Fiction House Press
Oriental Stories V2N3 (Summer 1932)
Letter to Oriental Stories, Summer 1932,
"Brundage did a fine job . . ."

Frank Coffman
The Cross Plainsman, August 2004 [Distribured in REHupa #188]

Untitled ("Out of Asia the tribesmen came") (poem)
"Destiny" (2,  poem)
"Adventure" (2, poem)
"Nun" (poem)
"Adventurer" (poem)
"Poet" (poem)
"Monarchs" (poem)
"The Ballad of Abe Slickemmore" (poem)
Untitled ("Scarlet and gold are the stars tonight")  (poem, last four lines only)

Dark Horse Comics
Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword #10

"The Gods of Bal-Sagoth" (Part 1)
"A Touch of Trivia" (brief excerpt)

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